VTerm - Virtual Terminal

VTerm is a web based secure real-time eCommerce processing terminal that can be used by call centers, credit departments and companies to process customer transactions at any time.

This extremely simple to use interface is available for all Merchants.

No further charges apply - all merchants signed up to have the ability to use this service. (Standard processing fees apply as per merchant plans and transaction rates)

Whether you have 3 staff or 50 staff, this application can process credit card payments 24hrs x 7 days, from any web connected computer, anywhere in the world.

  • Easy to use realtime transaction processing
  • Continual use of the best security implementations and practices
  • Simple Administrator and User control features
  • Fully documented help screens
  • Quick, simple, easy - staff can be trained within 5 minutes
  • Scalable application for future growth

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