Phone (IVR) Payments

The IVR Payment System allows you to process transactions calling our 1300 number.

Fully automated phone prompts guide you through the payment process, allowing you to key your merchant details and transaction information in using your phones touch pad to make your payment.

The details are then processed and a realtime result and receipt number is given over the phone to ensure you have a reference.

The IVR Payment System offers anyone the ability to process transactions in realtime.
While most solutions require hardware and/or software, our IVR system ensures anyone with a phone (touchpad model) or mobile can process a transaction anywhere, anytime.

  • Realtime card/funds validation and processing
  • No need for costly hardware or software - all you need is a landline or mobile
  • A complete mobile solution ensuring you can process funds anywhere, anytime with your mobile phone
  • The perfect solution for tradespeople to ensure they are paid for their work on the spot.
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