What is is a payment gateway provider allowing you to process your payment transactions online or by phone in realtime. offers many solutions to ensure it is easy for anyone to accept payment for any type of goods and services, regardless of business size or nature.

The realtime nature of gateway interfaces ensures that the transaction has been approved on the spot - allowing you to verify immediate payment success before moving onto your next job!

Who uses can be employed by practically any person, business or entity that wishes to:
  • accept or process online credit card payments and transactions.

  • process a credit card payment or transaction using their phone/mobile.

  • sell products and services via their website

  • retailers who wish to offer credit card payment services to their customer

  • ensure they have successfully charged the customer in realtime

  • minimise paper work, clerical staff requirements and accounting work

  • provide customers with payable invoices that can be issued directly and paid for using the one system

  • charge credit cards using an online virtual terminal

  • perform refunds to customer/business credit cards