Pricing begins with a low, compulsory setup fee of only $199

The Merchant then has a number of choices:

Plan A
$49.95 per month, 100 free transactions per month then $0.45c per transaction after that

Plan B
$29.95 monthly fee, $0.45c transactions

Plan C
$19.95 monthly fee, 1% of transaction value or $0.45c, whichever is greater.

Can merchants switch between the two options?

Yes, the Merchant can switch at any time between payment plans - a switching fee of $49.95 applies at the time of the switch between the Options above.

Do you offer different rates for larger merchants?

Bulk rates and transaction discounts are available for merchants with large transactional volumes.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs - we are happy to try and tailor plans to suit your business. The above rates are subject to change. Merchants are required to meet all bank credit card fees and account charges in the usual manner. Government charges are also applicable. Merchants are also charged the credit card collection fee deducted by the bank when their Merchant Transaction Account balance is topped up. The Merchant will also need an Internet connection to input invoices at or to check Statements online and use the Merchant Admin System. An Internet site is not required. (Rates quoted include GST)