Direct XML Interface

The Direct XML Interface is our most flexible solution.
It allows your programmers to control the user experience and simply pass the transaction details "behind the scenes" to, and a response is returned with the result.

The Direct interface implements an XML/FORM-based gateway interface. You simply send the POST/XML transaction detail to our gateway URL and we will process the transaction data received and provide you with a realtime response.

This ensures your customers never leave your website - you control the look and feel of the entire process.
All payment processing functionality is performed in the background via XML/HTTP POST in realtime, ensuring customers are notified regarding the transaction result quickly and efficiently.

From a programmatic perspective, this is as simple as sending an XML/NVP POST via SSL (HTTPS) and querying the resultant XML/NVP details to extract the transaction status and result. can also provide programming services to integrate this interface with your application/website.

  • Realtime card/funds validation and processing
  • User stays on your website - no possible customer confusion or concern from redirecting to a 3rd party website
  • Full control of the entire purchasing process interface - all work is done in the background
  • Secure, easy and reliable
  • Minimal integration requirements
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