Paylink Interface

The Paylink Interface is suitable for those without any form of SSL certificate on their website, or for those wishing to increase customer confidence by directing them to a stable, secure and well known payment processing page.
This allows merchants to increase customer confidence in relation to payment processing using well-known and verified payment services as well as having clear, visible and trusted security present for the transaction.

The Direct interface implements an FORM-based gateway interface process. You simply direct the POST transaction detail to our PayLink gateway interface URL and we will present your customers with a payment page.
This payment page is 100% safe, secure and ensures your customers can make quick and easy payments in a trusted environment they feel safe using.

What better way to increase your sales than by offering your customers the ability to feel safe and know their details are secure when purchasing goods or services from yourself.

Once the transaction has been completed, customers are returned to your website for their receipt.
Unsuccessful payments will return a clear error message, allowing customers to review their details and attempt payment again.
The transaction result is then passed behind the scenes securely to your website, ensuring customers or potentially malicious users are unable to tamper with the transaction results between the systems.

From a programmatic perspective, this is as simple as sending an HTTP POST to our SSL-secured PayLink URL, letting the customers key in and process their credit card information, then simply presenting the customer with a receipt or failure message based on the transaction callback result. can also provide programming services to integrate this interface with your application/website. Please feel free to contact us for a quote request or ballpark estimate for the services required.

  • Realtime card/funds validation and processing
  • Continual use of the best security implementations and practices
  • Ensure customer security in a trusted, secure, safe and reliable environment
  • Continual use of standardised best practices
  • Quick, simple, easy
  • Minimise integration and hosting requirements
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